My world is filled with beautiful things and wonderful beings.

In my world Glory is multi-faceted as a prism, Shining, and reflecting

on everything  with splendour and Beauty.

In my world all my people are equally beaming,

And in reality we’re all Co-Creators of WHO we choose to be.

- M.G-N / Makel Designs ~Stay Connected~

The Identity

Makel Designs is about the celebration and expansion, of African and African-Centred culture in the minds and hearts of its people. We match classic continental African styles to American function in order to create products that have flare while serving a purpose.

This is all about the many styles of Africa from clothing and accessories, to pieces for the home,  Makel Designs provides a custom and tailored approach to everyday fashion and special occasion creation. The goal is to provide products and services that are  infused with both the personal creativity of our clients and the identity of our brand.

We are crafting wearable art that ensures functionality through the  seasons and the reasons.


The Mission

I strongly believe that feeling and looking your best is a RIGHT, and DUTY- When we feel good inside, it translates outward thus can inspire others to do the same.

The mission of Makel Designs is to build, rebuild, encourage and/or support confidence, through a creative processes that promotes positivity and creativity through African pride and African culture.  Everyone has something unique that compliments them perfectly and our goal with every commission  is to enhance or discover what works thus creating exciting designs, timeless, and classic pieces... inspired... by you.

See You Soon.


Makel Designs